Safety (Turtle Club Baseball and Softball)


Diamond Safety

If it's too wet to play, don't!

If you can leave footprints on the infield due to wetness, it's too wet. Using the ballfield when it's too wet ruins the grade of the infield, makes "bad hop" holes, and compacts the soil in the turf areas, leading to unsafe playing conditions.

Rake loose Washington Ball Mix back into holes at home plate, bases, baselines, pitcher bar, and infielder positions after playing. Don't add more Ball Mix if possible-if a hole is present, what came out of it is there somewhere-rake it back in.

Some fields will have hand drags available to do some light dragging after your practice/game. If major dragging is needed and the equipment is available, go ahead and do it. Please don't drag right up to the edge of the grass-it will form an unsafe "lip." A good rule of thumb is to stay about 6" away from the turf. Also, don't drag the drag off the infield and into the grass when you're done for the same reason. Pick it up and lift it off the infield; rake the remnants back out. Please do not use your car or truck to drag the fields.

Please use paint rather than lime to put stripes on the grass; lime builds up over time causing dead grass and an unsafe lump.

NEVER use herbicides of any kind on any field for any reason! Only licensed personnel may do this. If there is a weed or grass problem, contact us.

Please remove bases and moveable pitcher bars, replacing the anchor plugs when done playing. Please clean out the anchor hole so that the plugs will be recessed at or below the playing surface. You shouldn't have to remove anchor plugs from the anchors that you're not using. They are designed to stay below the infield surface so that they don't interfere with play. If the plugs in the unused anchors are sticking up too high, pull them out, clean out the anchor hole, and replace them properly.

Please pick up all litter in the ball field area before you leave. Also, please do not dump ice out on the will leave a "burn" area on the turf.

Involving the players in these procedures will help them gain respect and consideration for the next team who plays on the field.