Organization Contact List (Turtle Club Baseball and Softball)

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Don HuntPresident
Joe HancockVP Athletics
Elliot CarrVP Titans
Jim GriesingerVP House League
Paul ScottConflict Resolution Officer
Tom WilsonTreasurer
Warren PaunSecretary
Scott BakerTitans Director
Wade BissonnetteTitans Assistant Director
Shawn VoakesAthletics Director
Mike MacfarlaneBuilding and Grounds Director
Mike MacfarlaneEquipment Director
Aaron AnsonScheduling Director
Dawn PearsonRegistrar
Tina Hunt and Danielle FieldsSponsorship Directors
Jenna ColeTournament Director
David GuthrieHL Director - Mosquito/Peewee/Bantam
Lauren DupuisHL Director - Senior T-Ball/Rookie
Chris ShawHL Director - Little Turtles/Junior Tball
Aaron AnsonHL Director - Junior and Senior Softball
OPEN POSITIONConcessions Director (Appointed)
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Jennipher GeeHead Coach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12James GriesingerCoach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Jeff GuthrieCoach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Steve KirincicCoach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Jean-Marc MongeauCoach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Deepinder SraCoach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Gurdit SraCoach
Athletics - U11 Green (Gee) '12Joe TedescoCoach
Selects - Turtle Club Mite Selects '11Don HuntCoach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Tom WilsonHead Coach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Sarah BeaudoinCoach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Vanessa CoteCoach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Rob D'alimonteCoach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Tim NormandCoach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Tom PaceCoach
Athletics - U11 Gold (Wilson) '11Mike PareCoach
Athletics - U13 Green (Potter) '10Chris PotterHead Coach
Athletics - U13 Green (Potter) '10Dan LloydCoach
Athletics - U13 Green (Potter) '10Kris RoehlerCoach
Athletics - U13 Green (Potter) '10Ray SauveCoach
Athletics - U13 Gold (Mayville) '09Bill MayvilleHead Coach
Athletics - U13 Gold (Mayville) '09Claire FieldsCoach
Athletics - U13 Gold (Mayville) '09Kit McCannCoach
Athletics - U13 Gold (Mayville) '09Emma MurrayCoach
Athletics - U13 Gold (Mayville) '09Jason ParkerCoach
Athletics - U13 Gold (Mayville) '09Tony SignorelliCoach
Athletics - U15 Green (Morrison) '08Adam MorissonHead Coach
Athletics - U15 Green (Morrison) '08Pete DiabCoach
Athletics - U15 Green (Morrison) '08Ryan GarantCoach
Athletics - U15 Green (Morrison) '08Joe HancockCoach
Athletics - U15 Green (Morrison) '08Madeline ScottCoach
Athletics - U15 Gold (Bissonnette) '07Chad BissonnetteHead Coach
Athletics - U15 Gold (Bissonnette) '07Brian ReynoldsCoach
Athletics - U15 Gold (Bissonnette) '07Shawn VoakesCoach
Athletics - U15 Gold (Bissonnette) '07Tina WardCoach
Athletics - U17 Gold (MacNeill) '05Mike MacneillHead Coach
Athletics - U17 Gold (MacNeill) '05Lennon FindlayCoach
Athletics - U17 Gold (MacNeill) '05Kevin GreenCoach
Athletics - U17 Gold (MacNeill) '05Patricia MacneillCoach
Athletics - U17 Gold (MacNeill) '05Peter PostCoach
Athletics - U17 Gold (MacNeill) '05Greg RudgeCoach
Athletics - U23 Blue and Gold (Hunt) '99Jeff ColombeCoach
Athletics - U23 Blue and Gold (Hunt) '99Don HuntCoach
Athletics - U23 Blue and Gold (Hunt) '99Paul ScottCoach
Titans - 8U (Davies) '14Andrew DaviesHead Coach
Titans - 8U (Davies) '14Mark GeorgeCoach
Titans - 8U (Davies) '14Kris LauzonCoach
Titans - 8U (Davies) '14Will LoManager
Titans - 8U (Davies) '14Chris GuthrieTrainer
Titans - 8U (Davies) '14Colin LesperanceTrainer
Titans - 9U (Dufour) '13Gerry DufourHead Coach
Titans - 9U (Dufour) '13Drew MiddletonCoach
Titans - 9U (Dufour) '13Sean NicklesonCoach
Titans - 9U (Dufour) '13Greg TrojandCoach
Titans - 9U(T2) (Saunders) '13Geoff SaundersHead Coach
Titans - 9U(T2) (Saunders) '13Tony CoppolaCoach
Titans - 9U(T2) (Saunders) '13Rob PranteraCoach
Titans - 10U(T1) (Bissonnette) '12Wade BissonnetteHead Coach
Titans - 10U(T1) (Bissonnette) '12Cal CrosbyCoach
Titans - 10U(T1) (Bissonnette) '12Paul DufourCoach
Titans - 10U(T1) (Bissonnette) '12Trevor GwiltCoach
Titans - 10U(T2) (Pittao) '12Steve PittaoHead Coach
Titans - 10U(T2) (Pittao) '12Jason CardinalCoach
Titans - 10U(T2) (Pittao) '12Steve MaillouxCoach
Titans - 11U(T1) (Skene) '11Kenny SkeneHead Coach
Titans - 11U(T1) (Skene) '11Chris BrocoyCoach
Titans - 11U(T1) (Skene) '11Ryan McNortonCoach
Titans - 11U(T1) (Skene) '11Karol NicklesonCoach
Titans - 11U(T1) (Skene) '11John WoodCoach
Titans - 11U(T2) (Brown) '11Don BrownHead Coach
Titans - 11U(T2) (Brown) '11Jason AllenCoach
Titans - 11U(T2) (Brown) '11Kevin BakerCoach
Titans - 11U(T2) (Brown) '11Paul FlanaganCoach
Titans - 11U(T2) (Brown) '11Dwayne StresmanCoach
Titans - 12U(T1) (Brnardic) '10Steve BrnardicHead Coach
Titans - 12U(T1) (Brnardic) '10Jason CardinalCoach
Titans - 12U(T1) (Brnardic) '10Ryan JohnstonCoach
Titans - 12U(T1) (Brnardic) '10Alan SoltisCoach
Titans - 12U(T1) (Brnardic) '10David TramontozziCoach
Titans - 12U(T2) (Naccarato) '10Mike NaccaratoHead Coach
Titans - 12U(T2) (Naccarato) '10Drew HopkinsCoach
Titans - 12U(T2) (Naccarato) '10Jeff RahmCoach
Titans - 13U(T1) (Sivell) '09Bill SivellHead Coach
Titans - 13U(T1) (Sivell) '09Kevin BeaudoinCoach
Titans - 13U(T1) (Sivell) '09Dana PaunCoach
Titans - 13U(T1) (Sivell) '09Peter VanWezelCoach
Titans - 13U(T2) (Pearson) '09Chris PearsonHead Coach
Titans - 13U(T2) (Pearson) '09Chris HadreCoach
Titans - 13U(T2) (Pearson) '09Hunter SimardCoach
Titans - 13U(T2) (Pearson) '09Ryan TidridgeCoach
Titans - 14U(T1) (Diotte) '08Shawn DiotteHead Coach
Titans - 14U(T1) (Diotte) '08Ryan ChaseCoach
Titans - 14U(T1) (Diotte) '08Rob D'AlimonteCoach
Titans - 14U(T1) (Diotte) '08Andrew EdmondsCoach
Titans - 14U(T1) (Diotte) '08Ian MayerCoach
Titans - 14U(T1) (Diotte) '08Jim RobitailleCoach
Titans - 14U(T2) (Ingratta) '08Jason IngrattaHead Coach
Titans - 14U(T2) (Ingratta) '08Don BrownCoach
Titans - 14U(T2) (Ingratta) '08Dwayne StresmanCoach
Titans - 14U(T2) (Ingratta) '08Helen BakkerManager
Titans - 15U (MacArthur) '07Paul MacArthurHead Coach
Titans - 15U (MacArthur) '07Steve BeneteauCoach
Titans - 15U (MacArthur) '07Anthony DonatelliCoach
Titans - 15U (MacArthur) '07Jay WharramCoach
Titans - 16U (Tracey) '06Jim TraceyHead Coach519-995-8333 (c)
Titans - 17U (Seguin) '05Don BeadowCoach
Titans - 17U (Seguin) '05Jim MayeaCoach
Titans - 17U (Seguin) '05Mike O'NeilCoach
Titans - 17U (Seguin) '05Shane SeguinCoach
Titans - 18U (Carr) '04Elliot CarrHead Coach
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