Bingo (Turtle Club Baseball and Softball)


The funding for Turtle Club’s baseball and softball programs comes from three sources: (1) registration fees; (2) sponsorships; and (3) bingo proceeds.

Bingo proceeds are a significant portion of the budgets for the Turtle Club house league and select programs, the LaSalle Titans travel baseball program and the LaSalle Athletics softball program.

Turtle Club Baseball and Softball is a member of the Breakaway Charitable Gaming Association (BCGA) and LaSalle Titans Baseball and LaSalle Athletics Softball are members of the Paradise Charitable Gaming Association (PCGA). BCGA's valuable fundraising partner is the Breakaway Gaming Centre, located at 655 Crawford, in Windsor, Ontario, and PCGA's valuable fundraising partner is the Paradise Gaming Centre, located at 2340 Dougall, in Windsor. 

We acknowledge the tremendous support of the Breakaway Gaming Centre and Paradise Gaming Centre, and encourage our adult Turtle Club, Athletics and Titans family members to enjoy the bingo gaming and other events of the two centres. Additional information about the centres may be found at  and